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8:40am 04-30-2018
Mike Girton
Mike.... Please send me your e-mail and phone number to I would like to invite you to our 2018 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla. this September.. E R Eaton President.
8:37am 04-30-2018
Please send me your dad's e-mail address and phone number to I am the
President of the organization and I would like to invite him to our 2018 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla. this September. Thanks in advance
8:33am 04-30-2018
Tonya Berry
Tonya.... Please send me your Dad's e-mail address or phone number to I am the President of the organization and would like to invite him to our 2018 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla this
September. Thanks in advance.
3:12am 04-27-2018
Tonya Berry
My dad was a VW4 Hogue, Billy
11:09pm 02-28-2018
My dad was there at Roosy from 61-64 under Blaylock. Walt Gillette. He was a mechanic.
10:35am 11-13-2017
Mike Girton
AE2 Mike Girton - Served in VW4 from 68 to sept 70 Worked night shift, one deployment to Rosey Roads
Changed too many oil cooling actuators, and stoned craploads of generators on engines.
Good times!
5:05pm 09-13-2017
served with VW-4 unit from 1955 to 1960 as a AH3 tech, enjoyed every moment. Think about my shipmates a lot,pray for lost crew and families/ trying to locate KEN ROGERS AE3. BEST BUDDY
3:21pm 09-12-2017
Don welborn
Do you have any info on Master Chief Don Welborn ... he flew with Cmdr Dick Sirch
9:49pm 09-06-2017
James Weseman
ADR-2, VW-4 1968 to Dec 1971. My brother was also there for his last year in 1971. We served in 1st Lt. div. then I went to power plants. Also ran the Color Guard. and had personnel inspections every month back then. Made several Dets to Roosy Roads PR. Later, returned to JAX. P-3 Flight Engineer and retired in 1987. Still in Florida. Fair Winds and Following Seas to all.
9:14am 05-13-2017
Luis Flores, Corpus
Luis, I also am CC, TX. Was in VW-11 '60 - '63, VW-4 '63 - 66, F/E, ADR1. Email is, mention VW-4 in SUBJ line so I remember it is you. Coffee @ Whataburger most anytime. I ride sometimes with the local Patriot Guard. Stay safe amigo! John Meadows
9:20am 04-15-2017
Don Cone
ATR3 was and is a Aviation Electronics Technician, (Radar) 3rd class Petty Officer. The ATW3 became a AX3. The ATW in our squadron worked on on board Electronics, Weather, Reading consoles both radar and Height Finder Radar. This rate became a anti submarine warfare technician.
10:18pm 04-06-2017
Jill Mumford Pomeroy
William Thomas Pomeroy died this past Feb. He served in 1963 to 1967. AEWRON -4 can anyone tell me what ATW3 and ATWAN and ATR 3 meant
1:58am 03-22-2017
Tom Ferguson
I was in VW 4 from 1960 to 1962 as an ATR2. Served on several flight crews, the last one was Crew 8.
Anyone planning to attend the reunion in Jax this year?
2:21pm 03-21-2017
Pete Wasmund
I have moved the web-site for the VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association to at

Please make the changes to your web-site. The original web-site at has been taken down.

Thank you

Pete Wasmund
VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association
Web-site Manager.
6:16pm 03-05-2017
Luis R Flores
Luis Flores, aka Taco Bender and The Frito Bandito. Plane captain on 892 VW-4 from 1967 to 1971. Looking for news on the next reunion. I am alive and well. Living in Corpus Christi,TX. Contact me at
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