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6:00pm 08-27-2016
Bill Edge
I served in VW-4 from 1958-1961. My first summer with the squadron I deployed to Roosy Roads and loved every minute of my time with the Hunters. Love u guys.
12:57pm 08-06-2016
Cathy LeValley
My dad, Keith P. Collard, was a Hurricane Hunter in Jax in 1964-5ish. He could have been one in Puerto Rico two years prior also. We lived there but I was young and don't remember. He is gone and all his Navy Memorabilia was lost to an ex. ( I am going to try and get it back). Does anyone remember him or have photos? I have 3 sons and want them to know their grandpa...
4:53pm 07-25-2016
William R. Culver
I was a PN3 in VW-4 in 61-64 at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. It was a great tour of duty. Beautiful weather. Great liberty. Squadron personnel were the best. Parsons PN1 and Wallace PN1 were the guys I tried to follow. Wallace died a couple of years ago. I am 78 yrs old now and still kicking. Have a great reunion - I probably wouldn't know anyone.
6:06pm 06-26-2016
Larry Garrett
Served with VW4, 1960-1961. Great memories!
8:47pm 05-29-2016
Mickie Owens
To SR Schultz. My dad Walt Gillette was there at the same time as you. He was ADR1. He served under Blalock. I hung out with his daughter until the officer/enlisted thing got in the way. She and I were at a change of command or something and were bored we were only 10. However, Dad passed away in 1997. I have his Hurricane Hunter yearbook here with me.
7:01pm 05-07-2016
Rachael Wigley
I was just talking to my husband's grandfather and he was telling me he was one of these hurricane hunters.
11:04am 03-28-2016
Kerry D"Amour
I was an ATR-3 from 70 to 73 and yes I remember you Bill Heath and Paul Soares (CMDR pilot? I think) and Bob Stinson. I went back home to MN. and college and then Bell Telephone and retired in 2009. Many fond memories.
8:25am 12-27-2015
bill Heath
Served in VW-4 from 70-73. Get in touch if you served in this era.
8:17am 12-27-2015
bill Heath
Served in VW-4 from 70-73. Get in touch if you served in this era.
11:30am 12-08-2015
jim art safarik
My email got change ifanybody realy care crew 6 1963-1966 hay wille glass I have a picture of us that made san jaun star .plus I have picture of crew 6 for 1964 I will send a picture who wants one
1:05pm 08-05-2015
Pat Schmidt
My husband Jim Schmidt was serving as pilot with VW4 out of NAS Jax when we met in 1959. He loved flying, loved the Navy and those with whom he served. We were married in 1960, he flew in the reserves (anti-sub)out of Willow Grove with his brother, Jack Schmidt until our move to the midwest prohibited the monthly commute. He never lost interest in flying and spent many a good hour on his flight simulator programs and introducing the grandkids to the joy and challenge of the air, as well as a member of Fox Flying Club in DuPage County, IL and had the privilege of participating in a program geared to helping disadvantaged kids learn life skills with the hook being the chance to fly upon graduation. Jim passed away June 17 this year - is very much missed by his family of five daughters and myself - but know he is smiling down and thanking God for the opportunities he had thanks to the Navy.
1:45pm 04-29-2015
maurice clark jr
my late father, lcdr maurice clark ,sr was a pilot in vw-4 from 1971-73 at jax. i've recently gotten the last cruise book from 1974-75 on ebay and remember a number of people a few of whom i recently connected with in facebook : ken bandy , ken crowe. names i remember besides them : cdrs. cutchen, schuppert, sirch, and smokey stover. anyone else who remebers dad can find me on facebook or please email me at
5:31pm 04-20-2015
Robert Hendrick
I served the U.S Navy as an Aerographers Mate from 1959 to 1962 and was stationed with VW-4 during that time. It was a fantastic experience, one I have cherished my entire life.
10:51am 03-28-2015
CDR Paul Soares
I was stiationed in Jax from 1968 to 1971 WC121N. VW-4 was the best flying tour in my career. Retired in 1991.
5:07pm 03-09-2015
Ricklin Harmening
My grandfather was stationed with VW-4 from 1957-1961 as an enlisted man as part of the aircrew at Jacksonville NAS. His name was Richard Veit was anyone stationed with him during that time? I am trying to put together a shadow box. My grandfather died last January and I would love to know more of what he did.
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