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6:18pm 04-28-2014
Bob Stinson AT3
I was 1st radio for crew 5 in '66 and 67. Lots of good times and good memories. Looking at the site, I see the name Craig Stinson, also an AT3. Interesting coincidence. Would like to hear from you to compare family trees. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time
in the squadron.
2:38pm 03-14-2014
George Cole
Ist Radio 1962 - 1964 - Was with Several crews - Enjoyed it
8:40pm 03-09-2014
James Funk
Served in VW 4 1969 - Oct. 71 as a ADR . Now living in Tn . Any VW4 members serving in that time period out there ? Lie to hear from you . Thanks James
10:35am 03-05-2014
Tom Ferguson
Served in VW 4 from Aug 1959 until Mar. 1962. AT2 flew on several different crews during the 60 and 61 hurrricane seasons. Currently reside in Tucson AZ. Any VW 4 members out in the desert?
9:30pm 02-25-2014
Paul Bowler
Was Navigator 1969 though 1972. Talked with CDR Paul Siverly at Naval Aviation Museum today. It was good catching up. Hope to see other members at next reunion.
6:46am 02-23-2014
Paul M. Gertz
My Dad, (Charles M. Gertz) Flew with the VW-4 from 1955-1962 ? Are there any of his ship mates left out there?
His loving son.
1:53am 02-13-2014
Martha S. Wadel
My brother, Mike Wadel, flew in the VW-4 from 1964-1966.
Any one remember him?
Thanks. His sister.
4:06pm 02-05-2014
Dale Prud'homme
WRS 4 crew 5 .1967-1968.
12:13pm 01-25-2014
Frank Lickliter
until November 1963.
9:05pm 12-27-2013
Still looking for Johnny Lewis or his brother who were crew members on the super connies @ VW-4 in Rossy Roads.....Johnny was a survivor after the the connie went upside down at sea, but still made it back to RR.

If, there is anyone still alive at this time that can still answer this note, then please do so..... I am now 73 years old, but still have many memories of flying into the hurricanes.

One of my pass times is building an EC-121 model of the plane that I was a part of a crew.

J.D. Michael...ATW3CIC ...US Navy
6:11pm 11-28-2013
jimmy tutor
Jim tutor, still alive and living in Mississippi. I have been in touch with Paul Jones in new jersey. I'v lost contact with Jim fedor, due to a two year illness and loss of my lovely wife of 20 years. I would like to hear from other shipmates of vw4. I missed the reunions but plan on going to the next one. Hope some of the people I know will respond.
12:40pm 11-17-2013
John Boyd
worked line maint.,was with LCDR. Lewis Crew 3 from 1966 thru 1970
11:34am 09-20-2013
Foy Weyman Wingfield
Was ECC of 137894 when we flew into Camille till I left sqd in summer 1969. Does anyone know how to contact Ralph Rossalot.
7:59am 08-24-2013
Steven Templin
I worked in the training office with LCDR Bowdon, LT Bowers, Chief Frost and Tinpenny from late summer '68 to April '72. I am trying to locate Ron Blake or anyone who remembers me.
5:42pm 08-22-2013
Craig Stinson AT3
Looking for anyone in from Sept 69 to Sept 71. I was 1st radio on Lcdr Hart's crew. Aircraft #929
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