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10:18pm 12-31-2018
Bill heath
Doc Walters , Bill Heath here. Hope all is well. Would love to catch up.
1:14am 12-29-2018
I do not personally know either of the guys.. the only person I know of that time line is Arvid Nelson.
10:40pm 12-28-2018
Les Walters
Hello old friends from JAX VW4. This is Les Walters formally HM3. I noticed couple of familiar names Bill Heath and Larry Sandlin who were in JAX in 1970-71 when I was there. We played on the softball team, football team and basketball team together. I often wondered what happened to you guys. Also trying to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts of Mike Badget or David Pruit. Email me if you remember me 540-727-0061.
3:18pm 10-30-2018
Ennis R. Eaton
Thank You so very much William.
11:02am 10-30-2018
William A Blanchette
My mom and dad were good friends with Billy Buck and told me they named me after him. I never had the details until I found this website and the news item about hurricane Janet and Snowcloud 5, awesome to see more details about something that had seemed so mythical to me when I was growing up. Thank you VW-4 and all those who brave the storms to keep us safe.
10:45pm 10-02-2018
Ennis Eaton
Would love to have you join us. just send a letter requesting to join to Byron Biddle....C/O Hurricane Hunters....P O Box 506.... Vernon, Fl. 32462 In the letter include a check for $25.00 for a years dues..
Must include a Name.... Address.... Phone number.... and most importantly a e-mail address as this is how we mostly communicate with members. The dues will entitle you to all membership privileges and you will be signed on to receive our NEWSLETTER which goes out 3 times a year (mostly). You can call me @ 770-251-9088 or e-mail me Thanks in advance
4:56pm 10-02-2018
Warren Pierson
I just saw Richard Hoefer’s name. We served together. I still remember our Daytona trip.
4:53pm 10-02-2018
Warren Pierson
I served from 1969 to 1971. I was in the special AMD. Senior Chief Jack Scanlon was our Leading CPO. I worked on the APS-45 and APS-30 radars. I still live in the Jacksonville area. I’d love to be added to this group. I loved my time there. I’m still in touch with several squadron members from my time there.
8:59pm 09-30-2018
Ennis Eaton
Thanks Jim... I just got home from the reunion appx 45 minutes ago. I mentioned you and Bunny at the meeting and asked all for prayers.. Stan Hayes got a call from you and let everyone know know that Bunny had to be taken to the hospital due to head aches. I will ask Byron tomorrow to return your reunion monies.. Take care my friend and know that you are in the prayers of myself and the membership. May GOD bless you and yours. E R
6:59pm 09-25-2018
Jim Riley
Ennis, I,m sorry but I must cancel the VW-4 reunion due to my wifes health. As you know she had a stroke ten years ago and is paralyzed on the left side. I may have to take her to the hospital if she doesn't improve by tomorrow. Please tell everyone hello and wish them well. Hope to see you next year. Jim Riley
1:42pm 09-20-2018
Ennis Eaton
Mr. Henry.. I have that material in hand. Thank You
10:13am 09-20-2018
Mr. Eaton, I sent a photo of an aircrew including Dad and Nick Brango, a page from flight log "100 KTS" Hurricane Fox, and some TAPS info to your aol account. Thanks much! Philip
12:55pm 09-12-2018
Ennis Eaton
Thank You for that information. I was not aware that your Father had passed. It was not reported to me and it wasn't detailed in our TAPS section of our NEWSLETTER. Do you still have a link to his obituary??? If so and you want it posted in our NEWSLETTER please send me the link... Thank You in advance.
12:45pm 09-12-2018
Philip Henry
Shipmates, my Dad, Martin "Mutt" Henry was a Hurricane Hunter in 1952 (LTJG). He passed away in 2017. If you look up the information on the "patch, you'll see that it was he who created it. I was born in 1953 when Dad was a flight instructor at P'Cola. We both retired as Commanders. Go Navy!
9:10am 09-12-2018
Ennis Eaton
Richard Hoefer Arvid Nelson was in the squadron during your time. He is the current Secretary of the US Navy Hurricane Hunters.
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