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6:59pm 09-25-2018
Jim Riley
Ennis, I,m sorry but I must cancel the VW-4 reunion due to my wifes health. As you know she had a stroke ten years ago and is paralyzed on the left side. I may have to take her to the hospital if she doesn't improve by tomorrow. Please tell everyone hello and wish them well. Hope to see you next year. Jim Riley
1:42pm 09-20-2018
Ennis Eaton
Mr. Henry.. I have that material in hand. Thank You
10:13am 09-20-2018
Mr. Eaton, I sent a photo of an aircrew including Dad and Nick Brango, a page from flight log "100 KTS" Hurricane Fox, and some TAPS info to your aol account. Thanks much! Philip
12:55pm 09-12-2018
Ennis Eaton
Thank You for that information. I was not aware that your Father had passed. It was not reported to me and it wasn't detailed in our TAPS section of our NEWSLETTER. Do you still have a link to his obituary??? If so and you want it posted in our NEWSLETTER please send me the link... Thank You in advance.
12:45pm 09-12-2018
Philip Henry
Shipmates, my Dad, Martin "Mutt" Henry was a Hurricane Hunter in 1952 (LTJG). He passed away in 2017. If you look up the information on the "patch, you'll see that it was he who created it. I was born in 1953 when Dad was a flight instructor at P'Cola. We both retired as Commanders. Go Navy!
9:10am 09-12-2018
Ennis Eaton
Richard Hoefer Arvid Nelson was in the squadron during your time. He is the current Secretary of the US Navy Hurricane Hunters.
8:19am 09-12-2018
Richard Hoefer
I was in VW-4 Hurricane Hunters as an ATR-2 starting in 1970. Looking for friends that were in the unit during that period.
7:41am 09-12-2018
Richard Hoefer
I served in VW-4 from 1970 to 1974 as an AT-2. i was just wondering if anyone else is still around.
9:21pm 07-29-2018
Ennis Eaton
John Davis Michael Knew John Lewis very well. Was in a severe car crash with him. Totaled the car. Last I heard he married a local girl and they went back to Kansas. I cannot find him either and no one I know knows where he is or how to contact him. If you have found him, please let me know. Ennis R. Eaton 770-251-9088 President of US Navy Hurricane Hunters
9:01pm 07-29-2018
Ennis Eaton
Sam Lynch.... I knew George Sherman very well for 2 1/2 years. He flew 1st radio on Crew 4 from late
'63 to early '66. At the end he was working part time Fireman with the Jacksonville fire Department.
After I left, I went to work overseas with RCA on the Space Tracking Network, and when I returned I could not contact him and none of my friends could tell me anything about him. I know he was dating some girl quite seriously, so I'm guessing they got married and he went working someplace and never bothered to keep in touch with anyone in the squadron. Ennis R. Eaton Crewleader of Crew 4 and Current President of the US Navy Hurricane Hunters... 770-251-9088 If you know his whereabouts please let me know as I would like to invite him to our 2018 Reunion in Jax this September. Thanks in advance. E R
7:27pm 07-29-2018
Sam Lynch
Do any of you people know George A. Sherman
7:27pm 07-29-2018
Sam Lynch
Do any of you people know George A. Sherman
9:13am 04-30-2018
Jill Mumford Pomeroy
Good Morning Jill.... It was my privilege and Honor to fly with W T... He and I went to Navy School together and was stationed in VW-4 at the same time. On occasion, when there was a vacancy on his crew, I filled in. I believe he flew on the same crew as his friend John McClure and Rudy Griego. the ATW designation stood for Airborne Early Warning Tech, the 3 means that he was a 3rd class petty officer. The rating was abolished by the Navy and turned all us ATW's into ATX's.. Stood for anti-submarine warfare tech. ATR means he was a Airborne Radar Tech. I miss W T. It was my sad duty to report his passing in our newsletter. Ennis R. Eaton President US Navy Hurricane Hunters
8:58am 04-30-2018
Don Wellborn
Good Morning Don... I am guessing that you are asking about your Father. Is he still with us??? If so, could I get his e-mail address and phone number??? If not, then yours??? I would like to invite to our 2018 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla this September. I am sure that some of the members attending knew him. Please send to E R Eaton President US Navy Hurricane Hunters. Thanks in advance.
8:44am 04-30-2018
Mark Creasy
Mark.... Please send me your e-mail address and phone number to I would like to invite you to our 2018 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla this September. Thanks in advance.. E R Eaton President US Navy Hurricane Hunters
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