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2:06pm 12-01-2020
Ennis Eaton
Okay... Send me a photo and the web site that makes them
11:22am 12-01-2020
Tony Farrell
My dad was Anthony (Tony) Contarino, an Airman in the Maintenance Department in 1955. I recently discovered a company called Popular Patch LLC which actually has VW-4 patches that appear to resemble the patch pictured in the '55 squadron yearbook. V/R, CTIC.
7:10pm 11-11-2020
Ennis R. Eaton
Does any member remember a Hunter by the name of: Charles Kenneth ( ken ) Clift???? He was in the squadron appx 1956-1960 +or- a year. I am doing some research and need to know if anyone remembers him..... Ennis R. Eaton President President US Navy Hurricane Hunters
2:09pm 09-16-2020
Ennis R. Eaton
Hello George... Remember you.... Why don't you join the organization and come to all our reunions???? It is a fun and great time for all... call me at 770-251-9088 or e-mail me at and I will make sure you get signed up
8:08am 09-16-2020
George J Cole
VW-4 from 1962 --1964
Hello to all, miss the good times and and crew.....Good luck
9:01pm 07-20-2020
Ennis Eaton
Bruce:::: if you go to our web site you can leave a message there and it will probably be seen by a lot more people who were in VW-4 and you might get a lot more responses.... It is worth a try as you are on a expedition to find someone.
8:02pm 07-20-2020
bruce morgan
My dad, William E. Morgan was stationed at Cecil Field in the 50's and 60's when he retired.Air traffic Control and was an "Original Plank Owner" but i don't know the squadron. Any help would be appreciated.
9:30pm 05-12-2020
MoiraLynn Mefein
I'm looking for anyone who remembers Maurice Tipton, VW-4 late 50s and early 60s. He was, among other things, on the flight that dropped Brango's ball. He remarried after our divorce, and his daughter was born very shortly before he died of cancer related to his neurofibromatosis. (If you knew him, you may remember that he had a variety of skin bulges that were actually tumors.) I promised his daughter, Lorelei, that I would try to dig out stories about her dad, both to share with her and to share with Maurice's and my son, Ward (named for Howard Ward Emery, also of VW-4). Anything you can share - especially photos, if anyone has them, would be very welcome. I will also tell both Ward and Lorelei how to find this page.
11:06am 04-15-2020
Ennis R. Eaton
thanks for the share...
10:52pm 04-14-2020
P Greis
Here are two pix of Lockheed Aircraft Services at JFK airport from 1967:

2:43pm 01-23-2020
maurice clark
my late dad lcdr maurice clark sr., was in the squadron from 1971(i think)-1973. i've already met ken bendy who was there with him. anyone else please email me or find me on facebook. to bell heath, i think you have have known my dad
8:32am 09-04-2019
Jim Weseman
Served in VW-4 from 1968 to Dec '71. My brother also spent his last year in the Navy with me there. I went on to retire in '87, but always remember the Hurricane Hunters, Connies and det's to Puerto Rico. Looking forward to the dedication of a plaque at NAS Jax in October, to our squadron, and all who served there.
5:05pm 06-11-2019
Karen Kennedy
My Dad Wilson H. Crone was stationed in Trinidad when he was flying for the Hurricane Hunters. It was an amazing time back then. Loved the stories my Dad would tell. Thanks to all, Karen Kennedy
7:25pm 03-28-2019
Bill heath
Larry Sandlin give me a call . Heath here, still in Dayton, we can grab a beer. 937-657 - 3890
9:40pm 03-15-2019
Larry Sandlin
Doc Walters, Good to see you are still kicking. Like you I've wondered what happened to some of the old VW-4 guys. I retired from a steel mill in 2003 and am just enjoying life. Hope you have had a wonderful life also. Glad to see Bill Heath replied to your message. Stay in touch
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