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3:52pm 04-22-2013
Bruce Clline
1958-1961 Flight Radioman VW-4
NAS Jacksonville, Florida (NIP) at Roosy
Roads Puerto Rico (NRR).
3:51pm 04-22-2013
Arvid Nelson
1973 - 75

Looking forward to Myrtle Beach SC. The electronic newsletter is great.
3:50pm 04-22-2013
Hi All,

I\'m the son of Lee R.Gauger who was in the squadron from approximately \'56 to \'60. I don\'t recall his rank, but I know he was involved in maintenance on the Willie Victors. My older brother and I were born in Jacksonville (\'57/\'59) while dad was stationed there. Still have his sewn patch and some great color photos and 8mm clips of the bird and hurricane missions.
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